Production Information
Up In Daisy’s Penthouse
Studio: Columbia
Short Number: 144
Release Date: February 5, 1953
Running Time: 16:32

“Oh, a screwdriver!” “Nah, that’s a sledgehammer.”
(Shemp & Moe)


Short Take

The Three Stooges awake one morning to their mother’s cry, “Now that I’m old your father has divorced me!” The letter states that their father (Shemp Howard, pulling double duty as both himself and his father) has just become rich via an oil well and is planning to leave their mother and marry a young gold digging blonde named Daisy (Connie Cezon). The Three Stooges set off to try and stop the wedding. But since Shemp and his father look exactly alike, Daisy ends up marrying the wrong man. In the finale of the short, The Three Stooges manage to escape the clutches of the criminals trying to kill them for their father’s oil money and rescue their father.

Cast & Crew

Directed byJules White
Produced byJules White
Written byClyde Bruckman
Jack White
StarringMoe Howard
Larry Fine
Shemp Howard
Connie Cezon
Blackie Whiteford
Jack Kenny
John Merton
Curly Howard
CinematographyHenry Freulich
Edited byEdwin H. Bryant

Up In Daisy’s Penthouse Trivia

  • Connie Cezon played Daisy, the gangster moll, in Up In Daisy’s Penthouse. Lucille Lund played the Daisy the gold digger in 3 Dumb Cluck.
  • The newspaper article that The Three Stooges mom shows them has nothing to do with their father; it is from the financial pages. As usual, only the headlines are relevant to the plot.
  • Shemp plays his aged version of himself as the two-timing father. Curly did the same in 3 Dumb Clucks.

Production Notes

Up in Daisy’s Penthouse is a remake of 3 Dumb Clucks, using minimal footage from the original film. This is noticeable when the trio is on the flagpole, as audio of Curly’s “woo woo”s can be heard