“The Three Stooges” Black and White Shorts

Burbank, Ca – January 31, 2024 – C3 Entertainment has finalized a deal with Sony Pictures Television to license all 190 episodes of “The Three Stooges” Black and White Shorts to stream on the Three Stooges+ Channel. This content will offer audiences unparalleled access to the timeless comedic heritage of “The Three Stooges.”

With a cinematic legacy spanning nearly 100 years, the collective works of the Stooges are poised to make an unprecedented debut in a singular comprehensive collection on the Three Stooges+ Channel. The classic Columbia shorts will be presented in pristine remastered HD quality and all Three Stooges cinematic productions, television shows, pilots, cartoons, solo efforts, and specials will be meticulously curated and made accessible in one consolidated platform.

And even the Stooge families are joining in on the fun. Curly Howard’s youngest grandson, Brad ‘Curly G’ Server, and his Stooge Ambassador pal Andy Pagana, come together with other Stooge family members, fans, historians, and authors to deep dive into the Stooges entire oeuvre for the brand-new show “The Three Stooges in the Fast Lane,” which gives behind-the-scenes insights into the shorts and endeavors to capture humor akin to the original Stooges themselves.

“It’s not surprising that the popularity of the Three Stooges has never waned,” said Earl Benjamin, president of C3 Entertainment. “They bridge generations, and their comedy is timeless. We have millions of fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Tik Tok, which is a very young audience. And the response is overwhelming. What we are doing with Sony in this collaboration is ensuring that the boys will continue to live on to spread laughter and joy everywhere, which the world so desperately needs right now.”

About C3 Entertainment, Inc

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