Production Information
Short Number: 182
Release Date: December 5, 1957
Running Time: 16:17

“I’ve heard of hot lips, but your’s sizzle!”


Short Take

Professor Jones and the Stooges travel to the planet Sunev and greet its inhabitants’ leader the Grand Zilch, and his military commander the High Mucky Muck. The Stooges’ gracious welcome and dinner celebration with three amazon beauties hides a Sunevian plot to conquer the Earth with an army of prehistoric zombies. Jones and the Stooges learn of the invasion plot but find their attempt to foil the aliens’ plans complicated when they accidentally release one of the zombies.

Cast & Crew

Directed byJules White
Produced byJules White
Written byJack White
StarringMoe Howard
Larry Fine
Joe Besser
Philip Van Zandt
Emil Sitka
Dan Blocker
Gene Roth
Harriette Tarler
Diana Darrin
Arline Hunter
Joe Palma
CinematographyWilliam Bradford
Edited byHarold White


  • Outer Space Jitters features Moe and Larry’s more “gentlemanly” haircuts, first suggested by Joe Besser. These had to be used sparingly, as most of the shorts with Besser were remakes of earlier films, and new footage had to be matched with old. In Outer Space Jitters, however, Larry’s frizz is combed back, while Moe retained his sugarbowl bangs. This seeming inconsistency (which would occur in future films) accommodated the gag of a frightened Moe with hair standing on end.
  • This short marks one of the few moments where one of the Stooges breaks the fourth wall. As the professor and The Three Stooges are being introduced to the leader of Sunev, Larry says, “And don’t forget to see Pal Joey, folks.” This is a reference to the film of the same name that was released two months earlier.

Production Notes

Outer Space Jitters was filmed on July 25, 1957.