Production Information
Short Number: 82
Release Date: November 24, 1944
Running Time: 16.54

“Read that sign!” “Hey, you, no smokin’!” “Well?” “It says you, not me! N’yuk, n’yuk, n’yuk!”
(Moe & Curly)

Short Take

A “war years” short. We open on the boys dressed as Japanese soldiers for an advertising photo shoot. Sent out to lunch in uniform by the photographer, they are mistaken for real Japanese soldiers by the cafe owner. Fleeing, they inadvertently land in a house full of Axis sympathizers, who mistake them for fugitives from a destroyed Jap submarine. Mayhem ensues when the REAL Japanese soldiers arrive to keep a scheduled parlay with their comrades. Can the Stooges foil the bad guys in typical Stooge manner?

Cast & Crew

Credited Production Crew
Produced & Directed by Jules White
Story & Screenplay by Felix Adler
Director of Photography George Meehan
Film Editor Charles Hochberg
Art Direction Charles Clague

Credited Cast
Curly Howard
Larry Fine
Moe Howard
Vernon Dent – Hugo, Nazi spy
Christine McIntyre – Delia Zwieback

Uncredited Cast
Kelly Flint – Amelia Schwarzbrot
Judy Malcolm – Celia Pumpernickel
John Tyrell – director
Brian O’Hara – restauranteur


  • During World War II, the Stooges made a few comedies that engaged in propaganda against the then-enemy Japanese, including Spook LouderBooby DupesNo Dough Boys and The Yoke’s on Me.
  • The gag of smoking an imaginary pipe was used twice by Laurel and Hardy: 1937’s Way Out West and 1938’s Block-Heads.

Production Notes

  • No Dough Boys was filmed on April 25-28, 1944.
  • The film title is a play on “No-No Boys,” Japanese-Americans who answered “no” to a two-part loyalty question that asked them to renounce the Japanese emperor and agree to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.