Production Information
Studio: ColumbiaShort Number: 111
Release Date: November 4, 1948
Running Time: 15.49

“I’m Honest Moe, that’s Honest Shemp and that’s……well that’s Larry.”

Short Take

The Stooges are “used chariot” salesmen in ancient Egypt, and try to gyp a customer who turns out to be the captain of the Pharaoh’s guard. He drags them to the palace to demand their execution, but the boys become royal chamberlains instead when Shemp cures the Pharaoh’s toothache. Enjoying their new duties, the Stooges overhear a conversation between the Captain and a corrupt tax collector, and discover a plot to steal the Pharaoh’s gold!

Cast & Crew

Credited Production Crew
Produced by Hugh McCollum
Directed by Edwards Bernds
Story & Screenplay by Elwood Ullman
Director of Photography Charles Clague
Film Editor Henry DeMond

Credited Cast
Shemp Howard
Larry Fine
Moe Howard
Vernon Dent – King Rootentooten
Ralph Dunn – Radames, Chief of the Palace Guard
Phil Van Zandt – Tutamon
Dee Green – Princess

Uncredited Cast
Suzanne Ridgeway – female attendant
Virginia Ellsworth – female attendant
Wanda Perry – princess


  • Every Three Stooges short produced in the 1940s featuring Shemp Howard as the third Stooge was remade in the 1950s except for Mummy’s Dummies.
  • Mummy’s Dummies takes place during the reign of King Rootentootin, played by the rather tall and rotund Vernon Dent, but in the film, We Want Our Mummy, Rootintootin is said to be a midget

Production Notes

  • Columbia production number: 4105
  • Shot over 4 days from August 19, 1947, to August 22, 1947.