Production Information
Short Number: 87
Release Date: November 15, 1945
Running Time: 16.54

“Oh, a microphon-ey.” “And a phony at the mike.”
(Moe & Curly)


Short Take

The boys are radio station janitors being chewed out by their boss. Fleeing from him after a disastrous attempt to repair a radiator, they end up in a recording studio. There, Curly (in drag) is mistaken for an opera singer by a woman who sees the boys lip-synching to a recording made earlier in the day by Alice Andrews (Christine McIntyre).  Alice, against her father’s wishes, wants a career as a radio singer. Hired to sing at a party that night, the Stooges bump into Signor Spumoni, who recognizes them as fakes.  With Alice’s help, the boys continue the masquerade… but not if Spumoni has anything to say about it!

Cast & Crew

Credited Production Crew
Producer Hugh McCollum
Directed & Written by Edward Bernds
Director of Photography Henry Batista
Art Director Charles Clague

Credited Cast
Curly Howard
Larry Fine
Moe Howard
Christine McIntyre – Alice Van Doren
Symona Boniface – Mrs. Bixby
Gino Corrado – Signor Spumoni

Uncredited Cast
Sam Flint – Mr. Bixby
Fred Kelsey – Boss Dugan
Chester Conklin – drunk pianist
Bess Flowers – party guest
Lynton Brent – Don Allen
Ted Lorch – Bixby butler (“Masters”)
Heine Conklin – studio pianist
John Tyrell – recording engineer
Judy Malcolm – woman in hallway


Though Micro-Phonies was the first film released that was directed by novice director Edward Bernds, it was not his first attempt (that honor goes to the lackluster A Bird in the Head). Understandably, Bernds was excited at his big chance to direct but was shocked when he saw how ill Curly had become. Years later, Bernds discussed his trying experience during the filming of A Bird in the Head:

Production Notes

Micro-Phonies was filmed on June 4-7, 1945, several months after Curly Howard suffered a mild stroke. His performances were marred by slurred speech and slower timing.