Production Information
Title: I’m a Monkey’s UncleStudio: ColumbiaShort Number: 110
Release Date: October 7, 1948
Running Time: 15:56

“Did you come from behind that rock, or from under it?”

Short Take

The Stooges are cavemen living in the stone age. They must tend to their daily chores, consisting of mixing milk, hunting fish, and gathering eggs. Such is life in the prehistoric times. That afternoon, Moe has a date with his girlfriend, Aggie (Virginia Hunter). Shemp and Larry want to join, as Aggie has two sisters for the boys, Maggie (Nancy Saunders) and Baggie (Dee Green).

When rival cavemen allege that The Stooges stole their women, a fight breaks out, with the trio catapulting rocks, mud and eggs at the cavemen. After fending them off, the victorious Stooges are free to woo their sweethearts.

I’m a Monkey’s Uncle Cast & Crew

Directed byJules White
Produced byJules White
Written byZion Myers
StarringMoe Howard
Larry Fine
Shemp Howard
Dee Green
Virginia Hunter
Nancy Saunders
Joe Palma
Cy Schindell
Heinie Conklin
CinematographyGeorge F. Kelley
Edited byEdwin Bryant

I’m a Monkey’s Uncle Trivia

  • This is one of the few films in which Shemp imitates brother Curly Howard‘s barking routine
  • The film title references the idiom “monkey’s uncle

Production Notes