Production Information
Title: Hot StuffStudio: ColumbiaShort Number: 172
Release Date: September 6, 1956
Running Time: 15:55

“Wait a minute, I can’t lay carpets!” “Why not?” “I’m not that rugged!”

Short Take

The Stooges are secret agents working undercover at the home of Professor Sneed (Emil Sitka) and his daughter (Christine McIntyre). Sneed is developing a rocket fuel in secret for the government. Captain Rork (Philip Van Zandt) of the “State of Anemia” watches the professor through his front window, with hopes of kidnapping him. Of course, Rork and his henchmen capture The Boys instead, mistaking Larry for the professor.

Rork demands that The Stooges whip up some of the fuel, and then write down the formula. It does not take long for the kidnappers to capture the real Professor Sneed, along with his daughter, and throw them all in jail until the formula is disclosed. As Rork serves The Stooges their last meal, they steal the jail keys from him and use their fake fuel to break themselves, Professor Sneed, and his daughter out of the jail and make a quick exit.

Hot Stuff Cast & Crew

Directed byJules White
Produced byJules White
Written byFelix Adler
StarringMoe Howard
Larry Fine
Shemp Howard
Joe Palma
Emil Sitka
Gene Roth
Connie Cezon
Evelyn Lovequist
Christine McIntyre
Vernon Dent
Philip Van Zandt
Jacques O’Mahoney
Andri Pola
Harold Brauer
Blackie Whiteford
CinematographyRay Cory
Edited byHarold White

Hot Stuff Trivia

  • Hot Stuff was one of four shorts filmed in the wake of Shemp Howard’s death and used earlier footage and a stand-in (Joe Palma)
  • Even though the last four shorts were remakes of earlier Shemp efforts, Palma’s services were needed to link what few new scenes were filmed to the older stock footage

Production Notes

  • The short is a remake of 1949’s Fuelin’ Around, using ample stock footage