Production Information
Gents Without Cents
Studio: Columbia
Short Number: 81
Release Date: September 22, 1944
Running Time: 18:58

“I don’t understand it. Every time we get to that inch by inch part something always happens.”

Short Take

The Stooges are small-time song-and-dance performers who are having trouble rehearsing due to loud tapping that is going on upstairs. When they go to give the rowdies a piece of their mind, three lovely ladies named Flo (Lindsay Bourquin), Mary (Laverne Thompson) and Shirley (Betty Phares) come to the door. It turns out the girls are performing their tap dance routine. The six become friends and go to a talent agent, Manny Weeks (John Tyrrell), to show off their stuff. However, he is at first unimpressed with The Stooges’ act but hires them anyway to perform at the Noazark Shipbuilding Company to entertain defense workers.

The Stooges, as “Two Souls and a Heel”, slay the audience with their hilarious “Niagara Falls” routine (“slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch…”). When the boys receive word that the headliners (The Castor and Earl Review) have to bail, they and the girls offer to take their place. Weeks is so enthralled with The Boys’ performance that he offers to send the trio to Broadway.

The Stooges nearly leave their ladies, but end up getting married first with a honeymoon planned for — where else? — Niagara Falls.

Gents Without Cents Cast & Crew

Directed byJules White
Produced byJules White
Written byFelix Adler
StarringMoe Howard
Larry Fine
Curly Howard
Lindsay Bourquin
Laverne Thompson
Betty Phares
Judy Malcolm
John Tyrrell
Lew Davis
Lynton Brent
CinematographyBenjamin H. Kline
Edited byCharles Hochberg

Gents Without Cents Trivia

Production Notes

  • Filming took place from June 14-16, 1944
  • The Stooges filmed the “Niagara Falls” routine in 1943 for the feature film Good Luck, Mr. Yates, but the scene was cut at the last minute. Instead of wasting the footage, Columbia built Gents Without Cents around it