Production Information
Gents in a Jam
Studio: Columbia
Short Number: 141
Release Date: July 4, 1952
Running Time: 16:12

Charm…women swoon when I turn on the old personality.”

Short Take

The Three Stooges are broke and about to be evicted when Shemp’s rich Uncle Phineas comes for a visit. The Boys plead with their landlady, Mrs. McGruder, to let them stay, and she agrees when she realizes that Uncle Phineas (Emil Sitka) is her long-lost love (although The Stooges don’t know that.)  Meanwhile, The Boys have to deal with their new neighbor, an extremely jealous professional strongman (Mickey Simpson), who discovers his wife (Dani Sue Nolan) in their apartment without her skirt, thanks to a clumsy Shemp in the kitchen.

Directed byEdward Bernds
Produced byHugh McCollum
Written byEdward Bernds
StarringMoe Howard
Larry Fine
Shemp Howard
Emil Sitka
Kitty McHugh
Dani Sue Nolan
Mickey Simpson
CinematographyFayte Browne
Edited byEdwin Bryant

Gents in a Jam Trivia

  • This was the final short to be directed by Edward Bernds, and for that matter, anyone other than Jules White until the end of their contract in 1958
  • This was the third film of the 1952 romantic trilogy (Corny Casanovas and He Cooked His Goose)

Production Notes

Gents in a Jam was filmed from December 17-19, 1951