Production Information
Flying Saucer Daffy
Studio: Columbia
Short Number: 187
Release Date: October 9, 1958
Running Time: 16:07

“With all that space up there, there might be a space ship!”

Short Take

Joe’s accidentally takes a snapshot of a paper plate blown by a breeze, and people believe it to be a UFO. However, Moe and Larry take the credit for the photo, and receive a huge sum while Joe becomes their servant.

Angered, Joe leaves the boys for a camping trip, only to meet two genuine and beautiful aliens from Planet Zircon who allow Joe to photograph them. Moe and Larry end up arrested when their UFO picture is revealed to be a fraud. They are put in straitjackets and incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital while Joe becomes a national hero.

Flying Saucer Daffy Cast & Crew

Directed byJules White
Produced byJules White
Written byJack White
Warren Wilson
StarringMoe Howard
Larry Fine
Joe Besser
Gail Bonney
Emil Sitka
Harriette Tarler
Diana Darrin
Bek Nelson
Joe Palma
CinematographyFred Jackman Jr.
Edited bySaul A. Goodkind

Flying Saucer Daffy Trivia

  • Although it wasn’t the last released short, Flying Saucer Daffy was the last Stooge short produced by Columbia
  • Flying Saucer Daffy features Moe and Larry’s more “gentlemanly” haircuts, first suggested by Joe Besser
  • Besser later reported that Flying Saucer Daffy was his favorite Stooge comedy

Production Notes